Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does IMC stand for International Mathematics Competition?
No, “I” stands for International Islamic University Malaysia, i.e. IIUM Mathematics Competition.

2) Do we have to pay for this competition?
Yes. The registration fee is RM 10 per student (Starting from 2016).

3) What is the syllabus of the questions?
Mainly it covers Number Theory, Algebra, Product of irreducible polynomials, Combinatorics, Geometry, and it is not directly related to the textbook. See: past-year questions.

4) Will student get the certificate of participation for preliminary stage?
Yes. Students will receive the e-certificate once they completed the preliminary stage.

5) Can the student use calculator?

6) How to come to IIUM, Kuantan?
If you are taking highway (LPT), try to take the Kuantan exit. Turn left at the first traffic light, then head to Kuantan (or Kuala Terengganu).
Go straight until you see the sign board showing UIAM (or IIUM), turn left again towards Kuala Terengganu.
After few kilometres, you will see IIUM, Kuantan campus on your right hand side.

Google Map: coordinate (3.840019,103.301479).

7) Where can I find rules and regulation?
Check the rules and regulation:

Latest Rules for year 2021 – Click here

8) How’s IMC preliminary stage being conducted?
Check the rules and regulation:

Latest Rules for year 2021 – Click here

9) How many students participate in the preliminary stage.
We limit it to 40 students from form 4 and form 5. Some good form 3 students could participate also with recommendation of the school teacher.

10) How do we receive the preliminary stage question paper?
Starting from 2014, we will email the information to the appointed teacher of each school.

Latest Rules for year 2021 – Click here

11) What is the dress code for attending final round?
All students attending IIUM Mathematics Competition final round must wear the official school uniform.