The Sejahtera-Intervarsity Proficiency Competition (IVPC) is an annual event organized by CELPAD, IIUM with the primary objective of encouraging students to use English, Arabic, Malay, and Mandarin both inside and outside the classroom. The competition aims to help students realize the importance of learning other languages, which can open up opportunities for them to be part of a diverse community and learn more about the world around them. IVPC provides a platform for students to showcase their language proficiency through various tasks and challenges while also developing their communication skills and cultural awareness. With its focus on promoting language proficiency and intercultural understanding, IVPC has become a highly anticipated event among students and educators alike.


The inaugural IVPC was held virtually in 2022 and was named as IVPC 1.0. The competition’s theme, ‘UNITY IN DIVERSE PROFICIENCIES,’ aimed to showcase the harmonious integration of various cultures and languages within the language center. The competition featured five types of short video contests, each representing a division within CELPAD, namely:

  • English Language Video Challenge
  • Arabic Language Video Challenge
  • Qasas Minal Quran
  • Mandarin Video Challenge
  • Pertandingan Mengarang & Mendeklamasikan Sajak

The submitted videos focused on promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): SDG 3, 4, or 11 and values such as family relationships and ethics in social media.


Soft Launching

Video Montage Final Showcase

Final Showcase

IVPC 1.0 Winners

English Language Video Challenge

Champion: IIUM https://youtu.be/rUhT3_vmxGE

Arabic Language Video Challenge

Champion: UKM https://youtu.be/B7H1hgpKl3A

Pertandingan Mengarang & Mendeklamasikan Sajak

Champion: IIUM https://youtu.be/XtaD6OL9TgU

Qasas Minal Quran

Champion: IIUM https://youtu.be/Wsznl8gpeJ0

Mandarin Video Challenge

Champion: IIUM https://youtu.be/E1lcUhvkhQs

Click HERE to view the full list of winners.